Wallpaper Weekly, no. 30 / Adelphi Paper "Adena Pin Ring"

Manufacturer: Adelphi Paper Hangings via Claremont Furnishings / Pattern: Adena Pin Ring / Colorway: Alternate D

Adena Pin Ring, our pattern this week, is an historic Parisian print, circa 1799.  It was installed in the library of Ohio's sixth governor, Thomas Worthington's house, Adena, in Chillicothe, Ohio in 1808.  The meaning of the house's name, Adena, is referenced in a diary entry in 1811 by Worthington:

"Adena, a name given to places remarkable for the delightfulness of their situations." via The Ohio Historical Society

While we are certain the Adena home is still today quite 'remarkable for it's delightfulness,' it's namesake wallpaper is just as delightful! Below, the historic colorway of Adena Pin Ring restored and recreated by Adelphi...

And below, images of Adena Pin Ring in Alternate Colorway D lining the drop front desk in the NY apartment of Richard Dragisic (of architecture firm Fairfax and Sammons) and Bill Brockschmidt (of Brockschmidt & Coleman where, as we've mentioned before, Anne began her career as an office assistant and later as project designer)...

Truly delightful to work at this desk!

The Adena paper is repeated in the jewel box hallway...

The apartment was featured on New York Social Diary in 2010 - see it all (correction: feast your eyes!) here.

And, read more about the rich history of Adena Pin Ring wallpaper here.