Wallpaper Weekly, no. 14 / Damien Hirst

 Designer: Damien Hirst / Pattern: Butterfly

We were wowed by this image in the latest Arch Digest: a dressing room covered in Damien Hirst designed wallpaper in one of Louis Vuitton's Shanghai boutiques, designed by Peter Marino.  Upon further research, we were also wowed by the price of this wallpaper: about $1,100 / roll...a very Damien Hirst price point.  That's gonna set you back!

"This wallpaper, depicting a range of butterflies, was first shown in the In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida exhibition at Tate Britain, London, in 2004 (which also featured works by Sarah Lucas and Angus Fairhurst). Similar in pattern, colour and formation to a kaleidoscopic vision, this claustrophobic grouping of butterflies echoes the Victorian obsessive trend for collecting natural history, and also the escapist but visually electrifying experiences associated with the 1960’s psychedelic era." - Other Criteria.