Vogue's Young Designers To Watch: Meg Sharpe

Somehow we missed Vogue's list of Four Young Interior Designers to Watch (published on their website in September).  Did you catch it? For those in our boat, late to the game, some gorgeous photos of a fabulous restaurant favorite of ours (in fact, Anne is headed to dinner there tonight). We're also happy to be introduced to the designer behind the beauty of The Lion, Meg Sharpe.

Sharpe says her inspiration for the main dining space: “We came up with a story for this space. It was your great-great-grandmother’s home that had been passed down through the generations, and instead of taking pieces off the wall, the grandkids and the great-grandkids just kept putting stuff on.”

Our own instagram snapshot from a TF dinner at The Lion from last May.

The upstairs lounge. So chic (and a little racy!) for private events...

And the stunning Meg Sharpe!

A second NYC restaurant designed by Sharpe, The Crown on the Upper East Side.