TradHome 2012!

We are delighted to announce that our nomination - as design BLOGGERS - for this year's TradHome Top 10 has been selected! So thrilled to pass the torch to one of our dear friends, who just so happens to also be ridiculously talented... Nick Olsen!

We are so excited for Nick's latest project to be featured in this year's TradHomeMag.  All we're going to say is that it's a big departure for Nick - an exciting and unexpected project coming  soon to the digital pages of TradHome.

And, must check out all the full list of this year's Top 10 - a fabulous grouping!

Tamara Kaye-Honey

Grant Gibson

Christina Murphy

Palmer Weiss

Allison Hennessy

Tammy Connor

Gideon Mendelson

Mona Ross Berman

Melanie Turner

Congrats to all!