The New - New England Colonial

About to embark on a team TF field trip to the beautiful neighborhood of New Canaan, CT this morning, our interest was perked in the rich history of residential architecture in this area.  Of course, Philip Johnson's Glass House is this town's most famous residence...yet, being two tradish ladies, we've been investigating the traditional residential architecture of this region, and in particular,  in this incredible Colonial style American home we stumbled across in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

Built in the 21st Century, this house is the perfect example of timeless architecture: one which keeps true to the simple forms of early American homes and functions seamlessly for a family today.  From the architects: "Our work ventures back to the roots of American Architecture, and moves subtly between the historic and the modern, connecting the past to the present."

To only emphasize the truly authentic Colonial style exterior facade, below is an image from Phaidon's The American House. The Allen House, by architect Thomas Bardwell was completed in 1722 in Deerfield, MA and represents the pure American Colonial house form.