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Yesterday, while installing two of these amazing lights in a dining room our client asked "Are you guys just not blogging anymore?"


We shreeked!

And, (shreek) it has indeed been the case.


Admittedly, the blog has taken a hit over the past few weeks.  It's a true blog rut. If you read books on developing and writing a professional blog, lacking consistency is just simply not going to work.  As even my own mother questions, is there anything worse than going to a blog that hasn't been updated?  So, for today, here's a little update on what has been keeping us busy these past few weeks via instagram snapshots...

We were featured in a great article on 1stDibs written by the amazing Sara Bliss of Hotel Chic Blog! Check it out here, along with our top picks from the go-to design resource.

We found out Anne is having a baby GIRL in April! We immediately began scheming for a little Brooklyn baby.

We continue to shop and source for one of our new projects - a loft apartment for a young family (so conveniently just 10 blocks from our office!) This Anglo-Indian box was found in our travels to Antony Todd and has a monogram "FF" that reminded us of our good friend, Fran Fontaine.

We oversaw an art installation. We adore these critters on floral.

More art installation...At one of our very first meetings with this client she said she had to have wallpaper from one of our Wallpaper Weekly posts.  Here it is! Wallpaper Weekly, no. 6 in her showstopper power room.

Prints found by our client in Paris and installed in pre-teen boys' bathroom. The tile is from Country Floors and has incredible depth.  Only a fraction of this beauty shows through in this shot.


For now, that's a quick photo update of a fraction of what we've been up to these days.  Thanks for sticking with us through an extended writer's block mixed with a lot of work!


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