Stop to smell the roses


Our company has been blessed with quite a bit - from our first amazing set of clients to some incredible press with Trad Home and most recently, the chance to raise money to support Housing Works - all in our infancy (we are still awaiting our one year anniversary this July 14th!).  We're taking a moment today to stop and give thanks for the chance to come into work each morning and be excited about what we do together, creating beautiful homes for our clients.

This NYTimes article from yesterday's Home Section, "After a Stroke, Relearning Home" not only tugged at our heartstrings but gave us a renewed sense of joy and let us stop to smell the roses.  The story of a husband and wife dealing with his rehabilitation after a stroke, we were touched by this exquisitely written piece which explores the importance our homes play in our lives.  A brief passage which describes the first moments back home from six weeks in a rehab facility...

"Paul faced many months of rehabilitation, and several years of speech therapy, before he would be able to speak and write again. But on that July day, his face seemed to say that — whatever else fate might impose on him — at least his world had a home again. The pool was open, the sun hot. After we passed through the house, I guided him onto the back porch. He sat in an armchair in the sun, tilted his head skyward and closed his eyes."