Reality Check

Round Hill infinity pool overlooking ocean, Tilton Fenwick Instagram Today's weather is a cruel welcome home after being in flip-flops at the pool above for the last three days!

Montego Bay weather this week

Brrrrr NYC!!! What a reality check.

NYC weather

Anyway...outside of fabulous interior design at Round Hill (check out this great write up by Cote de Texas and this by us last week) we're also totally enamored by the Round Hill logo...

Pregnancy cocktail, aka seltzer with lemon.

Some other great hand-written inspired graphic designs for this chilly January day...

Andy Warhol letterhead, with lettering by Warhol’s mother, via Pinterest

Anything by Linda & Harriett!

Book cover by Cecil Beaton

Greeting card design, via Anthropologie

"To live with you alone" print by x, via 20x200

Slightly reminiscent of the work by most famous Cy Twombly.

Untitled, Cy Twombly, 1970

And of course!

Tilton Fenwick!