PULSE new york

Yesterday, we popped into the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in Chelsea (also a few doors down from us on 18th Street).  Here, we discovered some dynamic art that struck our fancy, including the work of Hadieh Shafie, a female artist who was born in Iran and immigrated to the United States in 1983.

Statement from the artist: "In works comprised of paper scrolls, individual strips of paper have been marked with hand-written and printed Farsi (Persian language) text. Each strip is then tightly rolled to create a core, around which successive strips are added."

"Concentric forms of text and material take direct inspiration from the Sama dance of the whirling dervishes and the act of turning-on-axis in search of ascendence through forgetting the body."

The incredible work of Hadieh Shafie is available through Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia.

Also at PULSE, we took notice of Markus Linnenbrink's work.  Seen above, "WHATELSEDOYOUWANTFROMME" is a vibrant and textured piece made from epoxy resin on wood.  Upon further research of the artist, we discovered this incredible installation from 2003 at UCLA Hammer Museum. Wow!

Linnenbrink is available through the Berlin gallery, Fiedler Taubert Contemporary.