Mid-Summer Hiatus

On Sunday night Team TF returned from a mid-summer hiatus to Spain.  Itinerary included 24 hours in Madrid and 4 days at Cap Rocat resort on the island of Mallorca.  Now back stateside (with our Spanish guitar streaming on pandora), we are totally re-energized and ready to finish out an exciting end to our summer! Some snapshots from the trip...

Madrid, vantage point: upper level double-decker tour bus!

The Ritz, where we saw the President of the Dominican Republic in the lobby!

A visit to the amazing Prado Museum

Most delicious traditional Spanish dinner at El Lando (with a 9pm reservation, we were just the second people to arrive!) Thanks, Susie, for the recommendation!

The most delish tomatoes of all time.

Post-dinner flamenco show at Corral de la Moreria (included as one of the 1000 Places to See Before you Die!)

Quick flight to Mallorca.

We arrived at Cap Rocat, a former military fortress turned resort on the Sea.

Pictured on the COVER of Cool Escapes for good reason.

The beach restaurant, one of two eateries at the resort.

Favorite lunch: Sautéed Squid on Tomato Tartar and Artichoke, best with a glass of local rosé.

The flora...

To the beach we go!

Snorkeling in the sea.

And floating for a photo opp.

Or for more aquatics there was also the pool option...

Each room had a private palapa facing the sea...

...and each morning a basket of delicious goodies was delivered to the room for breakfast on the palapa.

We mastered the art of relaxation...

...and staying hydrated.

The TF Husbands, Dave and Ryan.

And us on our last day...relaxed and recharged. Adios España!