Must check out: Ixxi. Have you seen this?

Ixxi is a "decorative wall system" where a grouping of small cards with printed images combines to create something bigger...and better. In short, the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

Ixxi allows you to choose one of your own photos, which they enlarge and divide into the printed cards which make up the whole.  You can also choose one of their images (they have a collaboration with the Rijksmuseum...not too shabby!).  Or - you can upload lots of images to make a custom collage.  There's also an option to pixelate your image, which through the use of color creates something beautifully abstract...

Best part is, you can upload your image(s) and order online.  Here's a video "Ixxi in One Minute" on exactly how it works. We love!