Introducing! Introducción! L’introduction!

Tilton Fenwick, a residential decorating studio meets home boutique, began out of a love between two New York City gals, Suysel and Anne (that’s us!), and our passion for all things design.

After meeting through our mutual friend slash Anne’s boss, Ashley Whittaker (must check out:, we bonded instantly over a love for Boston, unexpected color palettes, thrill of the hunt, and our college sweethearts-turned- husbands.   From our first meeting, we spent the next year and a half emailing daily about all the details of Anne & Ryan’s upcoming nuptials.  Emails titled “Love?” or “Must?” or “Need!” were exchanged over our ideas and inspirations for absolutely everything: color schemes, groomsmen gifts, dress designers, table runners, etc etc.  After Anne's (dare we say fabulous?) barn chic wedding in 2009, the daily emailing and creative exchange was missed terribly. Over time and much further discussion about the drive for our combined artistic expression and sharing of amazing finds – high and low, Tilton Fenwick was born.

Signing on with super-talented LA web designer/artist, Victoria Molinelli (must check out:, the Tilton Fenwick logo, a peacock we have come to call Hoya, was born.  And, just as a peacock sheds its feathers with each passing year, we hope TF will be ever-changing, always fresh, yet forever timeless.

We’re so excited for grand opening of our downtown home boutique – details coming soon (squeal!)