Hickory Chair, By the Numbers

On Monday, we landed in Charlotte, NC for a two day excursion to the Hickory Chair headquarters.  In short, these two city gals were blown away.  Hard to succinctly describe the experience (we SO HIGHLY recommend to any of our designer friends), but here are some photos and numbers about this inspiring and thriving American furniture company ...

600,000 / square feet of workspace in the factory located in Hickory, North Carolina

6 / floors of the factory

3,400 / (approximate) graduates of Hickory Chair University...we are proud to be two of the newest grads!

10 / number of HC Universities each year...yes, that's almost once a month!

6 / weeks to kiln dry lumber before it arrives to Hickory Chair

6 / markets ago, Hickory introduced side hung drawer construction on all pieces

5/32nds / of an inch - how tightly a drawer fits into it's cabinet

70 / wood stain and painted finishes offered (outside of custom finish by designer, of course!)

5/4 / aka "five quarter" inch lumber minimum for upholstery frames

8 / way hand tied springs in all upholstery for the ultimate in seating support

13 / openings in each of the James River Cabinet glass panels, representing the original 13 colonies

100 / percent goose feathers in all throw pillows

450 / (approximate) rolls of COM (customer's own material) fabric received every single week for custom orders

8 / hours to hand tuft the Kent sofa

2800 / different furniture combinations in the Made to Measure program

36 / hardware styles available in...

3 / different finishes or...

Infinity / in the Customer's Own Hardware program

5 / years of related experience required by employees before working in the Hickory Chair factory (there is a common saying down there --- "I got in at Hickory Chair")

40 / hours per week  nurses are available to all employees for any medical concerns

1,500,000 / hours without any employee injuries, celebrated this week with a company wide true Southern barbecue lunch!

7,000,000 / hours without employee injury - industry record held by - you guessed it - Hickory Chair

2 / full days doctors are available to all employees for any medical concerns

4 / Licensee collections by Alexa HamptonMariette Himes GomezThomas O'BrienSuzanne Kasler

4 / Licensees that are listed on the Architectural Digest Top 100 List

101 / years in business! and counting...

Immeasurable / times we were completely impressed by management, woodworkers, upholsterers, finishers, factory setting, efficiency, and (of course) the design and quality of products in just two short days at Hickory Chair University!