Fabric and Wallpapers by Abigail Borg

Daylight savings time change from this weekend has us with spring on the brain.  Are you counting down the days for better weather and sunshine?  We certainly are which is why British illustrator Abigail Borg is the perfect visual indulgence for us today. For now, we're going to forget what it looks like outside our windows and focus on this incredibly talented work by Borg.  We're going to be filling our design library with her amazing fabrics and wallpapers stat!

Chrysanth textile design by Abigail Borg

Mauve-Lily by Abigail Borg

Orange Fox by Abigail Borg

Friti Plum Wallpaper by Abigail Borg

Lady Green by Abigail Borg

Why not go all out with these fabrics and papers? Here's how we'd like to use Borg's amazing product line in a country house. Would you?!

Bedroom by Nancy Lancaster, photo: The Peak of Chic