Escaping into Warmth: Maeder

With the high temperature yesterday topping out somewhere in the mid-20s, we couldn't help but be dreaming of warmer pastures.  Thoughts of 80 and sunny brought one of our favorite artists, Cheryl Maeder, to top of mind.  It's hard to really capture how stunning Cheryl's photographs read in person...they are huge scale prints and force you to react by squinting and readjusting your eyes to understand the scenes.  Yet, with just a little effort, you begin to understand the title Dreamscape and you're right there, 80 and sunny!

From the artist: "I found that photographing in the impressionistic style causes the viewer to see the entire image with its palette of colors, form and light creating a mood, an emotion. I wanted to put into perspective, the power and infinite expanse of the sand, sea and sky and the part we humans play in this story."

Lucky for us, Cheryl is represented by Gallerie Mark Hachem. While we suppose we could drop in any time at his Madison Ave location in New York, it will just be more fun to pop into the Paris location next week!