Columbus Circle Living Room

We loved seeing the art installation of a living room surrounding the Christopher Columbus monument more than 70 feet in the air by artist Tatzu Nishi.  Apparently, Mr. Columbus has pink print wallpaper. We like! Anyone know the pattern?

"For this project, the wallpaper is pink, and the reason I chose pink is, I thought that pink is the color that is most different from Columbus Circle." - Tatzu Nishi, via NYTimes Home.

Yet this is not a room to consider from a design prespective, but as an art installation.

"Sometimes people who look at my living rooms say, “You have really good taste,” but it’s not really true. My concept of the art project is to make the interior exterior, and the exterior into the interior, and also make some public thing private or domestic, and the other way around." - Tatzu Nishi, via NYTimes Home.

A great photo which shows just exterior turned interior:

Open now, 25 people at a time can enter the living room and view the 1892 marble figure of the Italian explorer inside his 810 square foot Living Room. Yet art-goer be prepared, bring your sneakers for the scaffold-encased 70 foot stair climb!  Talk about a New York City walk-up!

More photos here.

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