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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

photo: Patrick Cline

We recently purchase a Jax and Bones dog bed for our beloved TF pup, Dallas. Little did we know Jax and Bones offers CUSTOM dog beds – how perfect? Our next client with a pet is surely getting one.

Jax and Bones Custom Dog Beds

Dallas in her Jax and Bones bed

PS – have you ever seen the great post on Markham Robert’s dog, Choppy by Peak of Chic? Enjoy!

Wallpaper Weekly, no. 30 / Adelphi Paper “Adena Pin Ring”

Manufacturer: Adelphi Paper Hangings via Claremont Furnishings / Pattern: Adena Pin Ring / Colorway: Alternate D

Adelphi Paper Hangings, Adena Pin Ring Colorway D

Adena Pin Ring, our pattern this week, is an historic Parisian print, circa 1799.  It was installed in the library of Ohio’s sixth governor, Thomas Worthington’s house, Adena, in Chillicothe, Ohio in 1808.  The meaning of the house’s name, Adena, is referenced in a diary entry in 1811 by Worthington:

“Adena, a name given to places remarkable for the delightfulness of their situations.” via The Ohio Historical Society

While we are certain the Adena home is still today quite ‘remarkable for it’s delightfulness,’ it’s namesake wallpaper is just as delightful! Below, the historic colorway of Adena Pin Ring restored and recreated by Adelphi…

Adelphi Paper Hangings, Adena Pin Ring Historic Colorway

And below, images of Adena Pin Ring in Alternate Colorway D lining the drop front desk in the NY apartment of Richard Dragisic (of architecture firm Fairfax and Sammons) and Bill Brockschmidt (of Brockschmidt & Coleman where, as we’ve mentioned before, Anne began her career as an office assistant and later as project designer)…

Home of Dragisic and Brockschmidt, via NYSocial Diary 2010, photo: Jeffrey Hirsch

Truly delightful to work at this desk!

Drop Front Desk Lined with Adena Pin Ring, via NYSocial Diary 2010, photo: Jeffrey Hirsch

Home of Dragisic and Brockschmidt, via NYSocial Diary 2010, photo: Jeffrey Hirsch

The Adena paper is repeated in the jewel box hallway…

Home of Dragisic and Brockschmidt, via NYSocial Diary 2010, photo: Jeffrey Hirsch

The apartment was featured on New York Social Diary in 2010 – see it all (correction: feast your eyes!) here.

And, read more about the rich history of Adena Pin Ring wallpaper here.

It’s 9pm. Do you know where we are?

A date we’ve had on our calendar for weeks! The James Sansum Gallery One Kings Lane sale starts tonight and it’s not one to be late for. You know where we’ll be at 9pm tonight…

We’ve written about James’ Gallery previously on the blog, as well as selecting it as one of our Luxe Magazine “NY Insider” Spots! Some drop dead gorge images of the gallery on 68th Street and Madison (a space he shares with the office of Suysel’s mentor, Markham Roberts)…

A personal favorite vignette... photo: Michael Simon

Darling butterfly candlesticks, will you be on sale tonight?

photo: James Sansum via 1stDibs

Holding our breath for a Condon Mandala painting or print…

"Mandala of Crystal Connection" by Julia Condon, photo: James Sansum via 1stDibs

James Sansum Gallery, photo: Michael Simon


Pair of Dutch East Indies Wooden Candlesticks. photo: James Sansum via 1stDibs

James Sansum Gallery, photo: Michael Simon

Pair of lamps, please.

American Ozark Ceramic Vases, now lamps. photo: James Sansum, 1stDibs

We’ll take one of everything.

James Sansum Gallery, photo: Michael Simon


James Sansum Gallery, photo: Michael Simon

Friday Passementerie

Oscar de la Renta, Spring 2012

If we’re following the fashion trends, tassels have without doubt made their mark the past couple of years (see here for more runway examples- DVF, Gucci, Pucci, etc).  Above, Oscar Spring 2012 collection makes a major tassel statement.  And, just recently (below), accessories from the latest Jason Wu runway show – we were there!

Jason Wu, Fall 2012

And on the red carpet…

Natalie Portman, 2011 Academy Awards in Tiffany tassel earrings

Here’s how this tassel trend is feeling for us on the home front…

Grant Gibson

Brockschmidt & Coleman

Tassel Chair, The White Warehouse, via 1stDibs

Proud Mary Cirque

Do you spy the tassel trim? Mary McDonald

Tony Duquette Birdcage, Anne Hauck via 1stDibs

West Elm Chunky Tassel Throw

Franklin Frieze, Adelphi Wallcoverings

Rug, image via First Home

Ben Brougham, LonnyMag AugSept2010

Grant Gibson / Brockschmidt & Coleman / Chair / Pillow / Mary McDonald / Birdcage / Throw / Border / Rug / Ben Brougham

Because We Love It: Markham Roberts

Markham Roberts' own NYC apartment, Domino Magazine

On this gorgeously crisp and sunny fall morning, today just feels like the room above…from Markham Roberts’ (Suysel’s mentor’s) own apartment, a famous spread from the good ole’ days in Domino.  It’s a perfect layering of elements: chocolate brown tufted velvet sofa, light blue walls, sisal textured rug, leopard print pillows, orange paisley throw, Prussian blue ceramic stool, wild greens from the plant and the photograph, and a dash of whimsy in the pair of mahogany hall chairs.  A Markham Roberts classic and it’s posted today – this chilly fall Friday- just because we love it!

Do you have a favorite image from Domino? Could you narrow it to just one?! Do share!