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D&D Fall Market 2012

We had a great day yesterday attending some wonderful panels at the D&D Building’s Fall Market (check out all the action on twitter under #DDBMarket).  Highlights included hearing from Celerie Kemble about her new wallpaper line for Schumacher (remember wallpaper weekly, no. 41?) and from Bunny Williams discussing her furniture company, Beeline Home.

Feather Bloom Wallpaper by Celerie Kemble for Schumacher

We also attended the Traditional Home afternoon keynote panel discussing set decoration.  It was fascinating to hear the story of Lydia Marks, who designed the sets for both Sex and the City movies. Fun fact: her interior design firm with partner Lisa Frantz (Marks & Frantz) is now frequently hired to design custom closets – based on the closet they custom made for Carrie and Big, photo below.

Carrie & Big’s closet by Lydia Marks, photo via Elle Decor

The morning keynote address by Michael Boodro, Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decor was most fun-fact-filled.  Results were reported from a survey taken by Elle Decor of over 2000 designers from across the country.  Below, a sampling of notable survey results which gives a glimpse into the interior design industry today:

The Most Important Product Attributes:

Design (38.7%)  /  Quality of Materials (28.7%)  /  Craftsmanship (22.3%)  /  Exclusivity (5.2%)  /  Customer Service (4.9%)

*Most interesting is that the following three attributes are each under 0.5%!: Reputation in the Design Community (0.3%) / Brand (0.3%) / How Easily Identifiable It Is (0%)


Vital for a Luxury Private Residence:

Location (34%) / Architectural Elements (26.8%) / Uniqueness (15.7%) / View (10%) / Sunlight (9.7%)

*And again, notably, each of these stats are under 2%: Outdoor Space (1.7%) / Ceiling Height (1.1%) / Square Footage (1.0%)


Most Luxurious American Furniture:

1. Baker

2. Holly Hunt

3. TIE! Hickory Chair & Rose Tarlow Melrose House


Lastly, a future projection…  I Expect 2013 Will Be:

1. Better for my Business than 2012 (76.1%)  GREAT! 

2. About the Same (20.7%)

3. Not as Good (3.2%)

Elle Decor, November 2012: The Luxury Issue


Hermes, Behind the Scenes

Hermes Orange, via sopurpleish

Our post yesterday got us thinking of perhaps the most revered orange in the world, that of the Hermes box.  For 2011, Hermes in collaboration with directors Frederic Laffont & Isabelle Dupuy-Chavanat present a documentary Hearts and Crafts to honor the true craftsmanship and the individuals at the heart of the creation process at Hermes.

The video premiered on the Sundance Channel this past Saturday, but can be viewed in full on  Needless to say, the imagery is stunning… an artistic behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmanship behind this revered brand.

Hermes Hearts and Crafts

Hermes Hearts and Crafts

Hermes Hearts and Crafts

Hermes Hearts and Crafts

“A good craftsman can create a world that a machine’s incapable of.”  Hearts and Crafts is a beautiful film honoring human craftsmanship in our sometimes overwhelming age of technology.  (How ironic that it can only be viewed online?) Either way, if you appreciate the superior products and attention to detail found behind the name Hermes, it’s a must see!