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Landing Page Love

We were highly impressed when we landed on the home page of one of our go-to rug vendors, Shyam Ahuja. Check out these gorgeous images, colors and patterns!


Perusing a great bargain art print shop yesterday, Society6 (via Urban Outfitters), we came across this and burst into laughter at the thought. Sometimes, this is just fitting.  Keep calm? Nope!

It also brought to mind our trip to Miraval Resort in Arizona last November – when after signing up for a team-building challenge called Giant’s Ladder, we both wanted to RUN. LIKE. MAD.

But we didn’t. And he we are, along with a very kind guy named Brad who was assigned to join our duo (and we were thankful to have him!).  It was a thrilling experience to climb that ladder and face our fears!

Team TF + a friend conquer Giant's Ladder, Miraval Resort, Arizona

So today, here’s to keeping calm and carrying on even when running may feel a bit easier!

Wallpaper Weekly, no. 20 / “Syrie”

Manufacturer: Studio Printworks / Pattern: Syrie / Colorway: Grass Green – Ivory

"Syrie" Wallpaper

"Syrie" detail, Studio Printworks

This week’s Wallpaper Weekly is rich in history.  Studio Printwork’s paper, “Syrie” is named for the famed decorator, Syrie Maugham, who began her career in London in the early 20th century (starting with an apprenticeship in the early 1910s) and worked up until her death in 1955.  She is perhaps best known for creating and popularizing the use of shades of white in interiors.  We love that the first (and in fact her only) true all-white room was her own London Drawing Room - which she unveiled to guests at a candlelit midnight party! She clearly had quite a flair for the dramatic (and quite the personality – read more via ArchDigest).

And while she is still best known for this original all-white candlelit room – and for the “Maugham treatment”: striping and painting furniture white – she did implement the use of color in her interiors.  According to Arch Digest, “Cecil Beaton remembered leaf-emerald wallpaper [perhaps our wallpaper weekly, no.20??], magenta cushions, Schiaparelli pink” in Syrie designed rooms.

Syrie's San Francisco Bedroom - via Studio Printworks

We love this quote by Billy Baldwin from House and Garden, which describes the above pictured Syrie designed San Francisco bedroom of client Celia Tobin Clark - where the use of white was heavy and today’s Wallpaper Weekly – the original – covered the walls:

“The moment I stepped into the bedroom, I was in a fairy tale, my task to find and awaken the sleeping beauty. It was a very tall room, made even taller and airier by the large white bed, whose bedposts seemed to reach to the ceiling — it looked as if the bars had been taken off a giant birdcage. The room was almost square and had an open, delicate, almost ephemeral quality, enhanced by the dreamy fragrance of white petunias blooming in profusion in the garden below. Since there was an adjoining dressing room for clothing, the bedroom’s only real furniture consisted of a bed, with its white coverlet, a few chairs upholstered in white raw silk and arranged on a sculptured white wool rug, a low upholstered silk stool, and a comfortable large wooden bedside table, stripped and treated with glazed white paint. At the windows hung practically nonexistent curtains of unlined white voile. The color — and the only pattern — was in the wall covering, a contemporary Swedish rough linen just this side of white, crudely stenciled with a scroll design in quite a strong grass green. Only white flowers were allowed in the room, but they were, as in all of Syrie Maugham’s rooms, extravagantly everywhere.  - Billy Baldwin, printed in House and Garden, October 2001

2001 Recreation of the Bedroom, by James Shearron , photo: House and Garden, via CottagesGardens

In 2001, House and Garden in collaboration with designer James Shearron (and assisted by our dear friend, Marisa Marcantonio of Stylebeat!) recreated the Syrie bedroom so beautifully described by Billy Baldwin.  Check out Marisa’s take on this famed room and wallpaper.

A couple other rooms of note with Syrie clad walls…

Syrie Wallpaper; Photo by Max Kim-Bee, Domino, Mar09

A completely eco-friendly New Orleans bedroom featured in the final issue of Domino Magazine – one which went to help the community in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Yes, the Syrie paper from Studio Printworks is also eco-friendly!

Syrie Wallpaper in Liz O'Brien 2011 Winter Antiques Show, photo via Stylebeat

And the booth by Liz O’Brien at the 2011 Winter Antiques Show. (We can confirm she has used a Studio Printworks wallpaper in her booth this year as well – one of our favorite showings from the preview last Friday!)

TF Shops Organic Modernism

A new home outpost has opened on our street. Have you heard of Organic Modernism? We hadn’t, but after viewing their website we realized they have 9 store locations…1 of which now in the one block radius of our office! It’s exactly as the name describes…What do you think?

Organic Modernism New Storefront on 18th Street, btw 6th & 7th

Organic Modernism window styling, 124 West 18th Street, NYC

Organic + Modern.

Organic Modernism

Organic Modernism

Some designs we’re liking from them…

Coco Chair

Coco Chair (hand-forged bronze), Organic Modernism

Kurf-A Stool

Kurf-A Stool, Organic Modernism

Lu Side Table

Lu Side Table, Organic Modernism

Mermaid Coffee Table

Mermaid Coffee Table (hand-forged bronze), Organic Modernism

Alma Chair

Cute Desk Chair! and FSC-certified American walnut. The Alma, Organic Modernism

Praying Mantus Light

Praying Mantis Light, Organic Modernism

NYRestaurant Week: The Mark Hotel Restaurant by Jacques Grange

The Bar at The Mark Hotel by Jacques Grange, photo: Julie Glassberg, NYTimes

Today’s post in our NY Restaurant Week series features the Jean-Georges restaurant at The Mark Hotel, which was entirely re-designed (restaurant and hotel) in 2010 by the famed designer, Jacques Grange. Nevermind the Jean-Georges food (ha!), what a chance to see and experience design by YSL’s own decorator, the esteemed Jacques Grange?

The Bar at The Mark Hotel by Jacques Grange, photo via MocoLoco

We love how the bar has quite the personality. Here’s how Sam Sifton of the NYTimes describes the experience as you leave the eclectic bar above…

“Past it, a corridor of wine racks leads to a spacious lounge with another bar, including a nice little raw bar.  In this area, and the 90-seat dining room beyond it, the palette of the designer, Jacques Grange, turns coppery, and the organic shapes give way to stripes and squares, with bright Venetian glass columns punctuating the walls. In one section, the ceiling of the restaurant was raised to incorporate an original glass ceiling that had been in the hotel’s second-floor banquet room.”

The Mark Hotel Restaurant, photo: Julie Glassberg, NYTimes

The Mark Hotel Restaurant, photo: Julie Glassberg, NYTimes

The Mark Hotel Restaurant, photo: Michael Falco, NYTimes

View of the Restaurant from the Lobby, via MocoLoco

And how could we not include some images of the remainder of the hotel – also fully re-designed by Jacques Grange?

Lobby with that insanely cool Ron Arad lighting, photo via The Mark

Lobby, photo via The Mark

Lobby, photo via The Mark

We’re in love with the art in these rooms…

Guest Room, photo via The Mark

Guest Room, photo via The Mark

Guest Room, photo via The Mark

Guest Room, photo via The Mark

Supreme design meets efficiency. A NYC must.

Closets, photo via The Mark

Notice the refrigerator drawer? Nice. photo via The Mark

Bathroom to the stars. Wow.

Bath Vanity, photo via The Mark

Bath, photo via The Mark

Bath Detail. WOW gorgeous!!! photo via The Mark

When can we check in? Stay-cation!