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Not a Gallery, Affordable Art by Justin Belmont

"Royal #3" by Justin Belmont, Digital Painting with Hand-Brushed Acrylic Varnish; Not A Gallery

Detail of "Royal #3" by Justin Belmont, Digital Painting with Hand-Brushed Acrylic Varnish; Not A Gallery

Page 68 was dog-eared in this week’s Hampton’s Magazine, after seeing the above digital painting by Justin Belmont. It reminded us immediately of this vignette from our own room at the Hampton Showhouse

National Geographics stored as art in a Hickory Chair console table; photo credit: Tilton Fenwick

Digging a bit deeper into Belmont’s work, we discovered an amazing resource for truly affordable art being sold both online and as a pop-up shop this summer at Tenet in Southampton. All of Belmont’s pieces use UltraChrome® printing, described as an eco-friendly and archival technology using high density pigments (NO VOCs!). After printing, each piece is hand finished with a clear acrylic gloss (also non-toxic) and mounted onto 2″ thick boards made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified renewable birch.

Check out an interview with the artist here via Hamptons Magazine!

In addition to being eco-friendly, these pieces are just great (and affordable) graphic pops in any room!

"Country Drive #1"

"Surfers #2"

"Country Drive #2"

"Shelf 4"

"Los Angeles"

Interior Renderings of Victoria Molinelli

Last week, we blogged about how much we loved the pretty color renderings of fellow Hampton Showhouse Designer, Meg Braff.  Little did we realize the talented artist of those renderings is one we are hugely familiar with… Victoria Molinelli – the same artist who we collaborated with to develop, design and paint our peacock logo!

Our Tilton Fenwick logo, by Victoria Molinelli

In addition to logo and website design, Vicky is brilliant at interior renderings. Check these out!!

Victoria Molinelli for Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Victoria Molinelli, "Pillow Room"

Victoria Molinelli "Exotic Series" for Coleen & Co.

Victoria Molinelli "Foyer"

Victoria Molinelli for Charlotte Moss' new book

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

House Beautiful's 2011 Kitchen of the Year, designed by Tyler Florence

On our way to a breakfast with the amazing team at both House Beautiful magazine and Kravet to view the new Kitchen of the Year designed by Tyler Florence – now on view at Rockefeller Center. Looks incredibly chic from the photos provided online  (see them all here).  Will be tweeting with more details from Rock Center! Follow us @tiltonfenwick :)

Meg Braff @ Hampton Designer Showhouse

Meg Braff (and her wallpaper line) at the Hampton Designer Showhouse!

We’ve gotten to know first hand the work of Meg Braff, through her two stunning spaces at the Hampton Showhouse- the Powder Room & Butler’s Pantry seen above.  These watercolor renderings are just so pretty! We dove into her website and picked some of our other fav papers from her collection…great patterns and colors; a girl after our own heart.

"Cockleshells - Slate Silver" wallpaper by Meg Braff Designs

"Nanking Stripe - Ming" wallpaper by Meg Braff Designs

"Endura - Leaf" wallpaper by Meg Braff Designs

"Little Egypt - Iznik" wallpaper by Meg Braff Designs

"Up in a Tree - Ming on Turquoise" wallpaper by Meg Braff


Tilton Fenwick @ Hampton Designer Showhouse

Our showhouse room before

Proposed design, drawing by Tilton Fenwick

Check out Nest Nest Nest blog today for some sneak peek professional photos of the room completed! Starting next Sunday 7/24 come visit us at the Showhouse in Bridgehampton.