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Summer Whimsy

Whimsical painted floor by Christopher Rollinson for Christina Murphy Interiors; photo credit: House Beautiful

It’s officially summer! We’re in the mood for some whimsy. How ’bout this amazing decorative floor finish designed by Christina & Meg at Christina Murphy Interiors – painted by the uber talented Christopher Rollinson?

Beach House by Christina Murphy Interiors; photo credit: House Beautiful

That Christina Murphy floor (a showstopper!)  is reminiscent of the bronze “Ginkgo” motif furniture designed by ’60s French artists and husband-wife team, Francois-Xavier & Claude Lalanne. Currently, there’s a Lalanne exhibit in Paris at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs – wishing we could just  jet over there to take a peek! Not a Paris museum exhibit, but a couple snapshots of the Ginkgo style by Lalanne…

Chair design by Lalanne; photo credit unknown

"Ginkgo Table basse carrée" by Claude Lalanne; photo credit: artnet

Bronze bench by Lalanne; photo credit unknown

"Les Grandes Berces" by Lalanne; photo credit unknown



Spice Up Your Table

Recently, when searching for Dining Room hanging light fixtures, we decided emphatically a Dining Room chandelier is the equivalent of a statement necklace.  In that spirit, we recently discovered the whimsical lighting fixtures of Ironware International found at John Rosselli. We love these lights…any of which will definitely spice things up over a Kitchen or Dining table!

All new "Riva" chandelier





Basquiat, ArchDigest and Blogfest2011

We’ve always been fans of Brooklyn artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat.  While in Paris this past January, we attended the Basquiat Retrospective at Musée d’Art Moderne (amaze).  So, while flipping through the pages of June’s ArchDigest, we took notice of quite a few Basquiats hanging on the walls of projects stretching from East coast to West – a Beverly Hills home designed by Peter Dunham and Manhattan apartment by David Kleinberg.

Basquiat hangs above a tufted sofa, designed by Peter Dunham; photo credit: Architectural Digest June 2011

Yesterday, we were also able to attend a breakfast and presentation by Architectural Digest Editor in Chief, Margaret Russell.  We were smitten with Margaret: from her poise, to her power (she has great influence on our industry!), to her gorgeous dress (we thought Oscar?).  Hearing her perspective was an incredibly unique opportunity offered only through Blogfest2011, created and hosted by Kravet.  We were completely engaged by Margaret’s comments on the direction of interior design, particularly through the growth of social media, e-books, and “ways we haven’t even imagined yet.”  Exciting! A special thanks to Beth, Jennifer, Ann and all the people at Kravet and Blogfest for this special morning! Already looking forward to the next Blogfest!

On right, Basquiat hangs in a graphic gallery space; Interior design by David Kleinberg, Architectural Digest June 2011

Stop to smell the roses


Vintage rose motif wallpaper - kitchy!

Our company has been blessed with quite a bit – from our first amazing set of clients to some incredible press with Trad Home and most recently, the chance to raise money to support Housing Works – all in our infancy (we are still awaiting our one year anniversary this July 14th!).  We’re taking a moment today to stop and give thanks for the chance to come into work each morning and be excited about what we do together, creating beautiful homes for our clients.

This NYTimes article from yesterday’s Home Section, “After a Stroke, Relearning Home” not only tugged at our heartstrings but gave us a renewed sense of joy and let us stop to smell the roses.  The story of a husband and wife dealing with his rehabilitation after a stroke, we were touched by this exquisitely written piece which explores the importance our homes play in our lives.  A brief passage which describes the first moments back home from six weeks in a rehab facility…

“Paul faced many months of rehabilitation, and several years of speech therapy, before he would be able to speak and write again. But on that July day, his face seemed to say that — whatever else fate might impose on him — at least his world had a home again. The pool was open, the sun hot. After we passed through the house, I guided him onto the back porch. He sat in an armchair in the sun, tilted his head skyward and closed his eyes.”

Latest Lonny Round-up

May/June Lonny is out! A quick round-up of our favorite interior shots from the issue…

Ellie's office (Associate Market Editor) at the new Lonny headquarters. We heard back in December about initial plans for stripes...executed to perfection!

Todd Romano's LA home: the red piece by Eric Cahan is a showstopper and that sofa looks insanely comfy.

Detail of Romano's mantle: a line up of bud vases on stands are precious!

We'd stay in this fem Guest Bedroom any day (not to mention our secret obsession with pom fringe AND the Maxwell Leontine linens monogram style!)

We could not resist this Jeff Koons Westie puppy!